Insolife Technology was established in 2016. It mainly develops and produces tool products that can improve the quality of life. The connotation of insolife is simple appearance and excellent quality.
It is our consistent product philosophy to make artworks that combine technological innovation and practicality in life.

   The founding team of Insolife is composed of top R&D talents and senior software engineers in the industry of electronic communications and intelligent hardware, and has attracted technical backbones from the world's top 500 companies and a group of geeks who love technology products to join.
This is a vigorous and elite team, has good innovation capabilities, strong R&D capabilities and stable development capabilities.

   In 2019, Insolife launched the product development and customization of its own brand insolife.

   In 2020, Insolife's first product, Electric portable bidet, will be launched.

   For any of our products, it took almost three times the industry average research and development time.
In order to present the perfect design effect and pursue the ultimate industrial standard, we use the quality inspection standards of the mobile phone industry to redefine the manufacturing process of the consumer electronics industry.
Useful, easy to use and durable are our slogan. We hope that all people who agree with our product philosophy can use our products.

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